Research Areas

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) opens the door to extract knowledge out of “big data” in automated and autonomous ways in order to improve business management. A large variety of methods and models allow advanced descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for AI supported decision making. Managers capitalize on AI-based services to cope with the challenges of the new era of data-driven business. There are several perspectives of “Management Intelligence Services” (MIS). From a methodological perspective MIS build on the foundation of advanced analytics, using models and algorithms to explore data. Managers have to decide on the right methods for the right data in order to have desired impacts. From a strategic perspective the results of advances analytics provide knowledge about business networks, customers, competitors, processes, technologies, and solutions. Based on deepened and augmented knowledge managers are able to optimize business solutions, e.g., to reduce costs, increase value or improve efficiency. To pave the way to success MIS have to ensure acceptance on the managers’ side by providing transparency and building trust in data, methods, and results.

Our MIS research and projects are divided into four areas:


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