MIS Mission

Artificial intelligence has a huge potential to enhance traditional decision support systems, dealing with strategic and operational topics in every company.  The boundaries of industries are changing dynamically, buyers and suppliers appear and disappear, new competitors from divergent business segments are entering markets, and innovations diffuse rapidly. On the one hand, managers are trying to cope with the challenges of Porter’s Five Forces to gain insights by innovative methods and models of data analytics. On the other hand, artificial intelligence provides powerful approaches for optimizing business models, business processes, and business tasks. Executives and managers are getting new forms of intelligent assistants, e. g., based on machine learning, mathematical and simulation algorithms. A new way of human-machine symbiosis is arising, where managers are provided with brain amplifiers while analyzing business scenarios and developing better solutions.

Our Vision

  • AI for analyzing big data to gain insights for management and decision making
  • AI for optimizing business solutions by innovative concepts and algorithms