Intelligent Assistance

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors are being attached to almost any object we can think of, e.g., resulting in more intelligent products that give additional information to the consumers and keep them updated 24/7. This trend is also tangible in the business environment and especially on the manufacturing floor where sensors are used for various services like predictive maintenance or anomaly detection. Intelligent assistance is concerned with the use of intelligent agents that help individuals in their private or professional lives. These intelligent agents come either in the form of a (1) service system endowed with AI and/or ML techniques which assist people with developing skills, exercise properly, physically rehabilitate or (2) intelligent robots – mainly industrial or social robots. Shared characteristics of these intelligent agents are their ability to work autonomously, perceive their environment by sensors, and offer appropriate assistance. The ultimate goal of using intelligent agents is to reduce human errors and provide more efficient, timely, and automated decision support.