Master IIS

The Master of Science in International Information Systems is a four semester program for young talents who aim for challenging management positions in globally operating high-tech firms. Excellent learning and working conditions will prepare about 50 students for an international career in business with a strong focus in managing Global Information Systems. The program is appropriate for students who have a strong interest in information technology and its role in today’s business environment, irrespective of the academic field chosen during their undergraduate studies.

Module Lecture Number Term ECTS
Case Solving Seminar Case Solving Seminar 70101


Winter Term 5
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence 70414 Summer Term 5
Advanced Process Management Advanced Process Management 70817 Winter Term 5
Advanced Service Management Advanced Service Management 70839 Summer Term 5
Interdisciplinary Business Seminar Interdisciplinary Business Seminar 72004


Winter Term + Summer Term 5
Data Warehousing Data Warehousing 72501 Summer Term 2.5
Master Thesis

Further information on the MSc IIS program can be found on the IIS website.