Business Intelligence

Important information

The lecture „Business Intelligence“ will take place in the summer term 2020. Due to the current situation, we don’t know yet, whether this will be done on-site or online but we are prepared for both alternatives and will keep you updated on how we proceed.

Please make sure you register for the lecture on StudOn (see link below) so that you can follow the updates regarding this course.

Update 07.04.2020 – The lectures will be pre-recorded and uploaded during the regular lecture hour (every Thursday at 13:15). Thus, there will be no live lectures.


  1. You get to know strategies, methods, and tools of business intelligence.
  2. Business scenarios illustrate the application of concepts and IT systems for business intelligence.
  3. You gain experience in using methods of a data mining for marketing support.
  4. You work on business cases using instruments like decision trees and artificial neural networks.

Course Structure

The course consists of the lecture and exercises.


Companies are dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data from a wide variety of sources and of different type – text, images, video, sound. Business Intelligence deals with exploring and analyzing these data, extracting relevant information, and turning it into knowledge upon which actions can be taken. The course will give an overview of the main BI concepts, drivers, tools, and technologies.

The main focus will be on the analysis and improvement of a company’s relationships with its customers using business intelligence. Special attention is given to digital and online marketing intelligence (e.g., customer profiling and behavioral insights). In an integrated exercise, students work on marketing-oriented business cases using innovative instruments like data mining, and modern techniques like neural networks, decision trees, and social media mining.

Location and Date

Lecture: Thursday, 13:15 – 14:45, beginning April 23, 2020. Slides will be updated and uploaded to LoD.

Exercise: self-study

More details will be given during the first lecture on April 23. 

Course registration

Please do not send an email for registration. 

To gain access to the course material (video lectures, slides, forum) please register on StudOn here



Grading and Exam ID

Written exam (5 ECTS)

70414 (written exam)

70415 (written exam)

Lecture Notes and LoDs

Lecture notes and Lecture-On-Demand packages are available on StudOn  https://www.studon.fau.de/crs2858578_join.html