Advanced Service Management

Important information

Dear students,

we want to inform you that our lecture „Advanced Service Management“ will take place in the summer term 2021. Lectures and classes can initially only be held online until the coronavirus pandemic is contained to such an extent that the Bavarian state government can allow face-to-face teaching again.

  • For our lecture, we will provide lecture recordings on StudOn that you can watch at your own pace. The recordings will be uploaded every Wednesday, starting 21.04.2021.
  • The exercises will take place online via Zoom on the dates given below, more information will be in the corresponding StudOn course.

Thank you for your understanding,
your WI2-Team


  1. You will get an overview of topics and emerging trends in services management and services research.
  2. Serving as a framework for services management, you will get to know the 4D-model including the dimensions service concept, client interface, service delivery system and technology.
  3. You will apply the 4D-model to different use cases in the areas of media, e-commerce, logistics, industrial services,  tourism, healthcare and retail.
  4. You will deepen your knowledge through integrated practical exercises. Within the exercise, we will develop e-services interactively.

Course Structure

The course includes a lecture and exercise. For the exercise, you will have to read four papers that are related to the content of the lecture. In addition to the reading tasks, there will some questions on each of the readings you should be able to answer. There will be a tutorial for every reading task where students can ask for support on the questions and elaborate the answers together in groups.


The course gives an introduction to services management and services science. Digital products and value-added services are discussed as well as service technologies (e.g., self-service systems, multimedia and security systems). Characteristics of the dimensions service concept, client interface and service delivery are presented and applied to different use cases in the areas of tourism, industrial services, retail, e-commerce, and healthcare.



Lecture Exercise – tdb.

21.04.2021 – Lecture recording


2. Services and Services Science

06.05.2021 – Zoom Meeting

  • Reading 1
  • Service Dominant Logic

28.04.2021 – Lecture recording

3. Service Technologies

4. Smart Services

13.05.2021 – Zoom Meeting

  • Reading 2
  • Smart Services

05.05.2021 – Lecture recording

5. Mobility & Logistics

19.05.2021 – Zoom Meeting

  • Reading 3
  • E-Commerce

12.05.2021 – Lecture recording

6. E-Commerce

26.05.2021 – Zoom Meeting

  • Reading 4
  • Healthcare

19.05.2021 – Lecture recording

7. Retail


26.05.2021 – Lecture recording

8. Industry


02.06.2021 – Lecture recording

9. Media & Entertainment

10. Finance & Banking


Course registration

Study material will be available on StudOn, please register for the course.

Grading and Exam

Lectures and exercises (5 ECTS)

70839 (written exam, 90 minutes)

The Exam will take place: tbd.

Lecture Notes and LoDs

Lecture notes and Lecture-On-Demand packages will be published in the StudOn course.