Advanced Process Management

Course structure

The course consists of the lecture and exercise. The lecture takes place every Wednesday at 2 p.m., which will be provided as a VoD. The practical part consists of the exercise section, details will be given in the first lecture.

Content and goals of the course

The content of the course „Advanced Process Management“ is about strategic business process planning and business IT alignment. Additionally, it covers business process analysis, planning, engineering, monitoring, and controlling. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive understanding of workflow management systems, service-oriented architectures, intelligent agents, and assistance as well as process portals.

  • You will learn the fundamental objectives and concepts of business process management.
  • We discuss the meaning and instruments of strategic business process management.
  • We introduce the entire business process management life cycle.
  • You will apply this knowledge to practice-oriented cases during the exercise sessions.


Please join the StudOn course  via https://www.studon.fau.de/crs2360167.html

Joining this StudOn course is mandatory to participate. Please remember to register for the exam on campus.fau.de during exam registration period, too.

Kick-off & Appointments

The first lecture will be on November 11, 2020 purely online. The first lecture will be uploaded around 2 pm.

The module consists of the following appointments:


11.11.2020 – Introduction & Foundations
19.11.2020 – Strategic Business Process Management
25.11.2020 – Strategic Business Process Management & Modeling Techniques I
02.12.2020 – Modeling Techniques II
09.12.2020 – Modeling Techniques II & Analyzing Business Processes
16.12.2020 – Designing Business Processes & Implementing Business Processes I
23.12.2020 – Implementing Business Processes II &  Controlling Business Processes
13.01.2021 – Guest lecture Process Analytics
20.01.2021 – Summary

tbd.            – Exam


Exercises take place on four dates, please refer to StudOn for further information.

We encourage all APM students to actively participate in the exercise sessions. This session is meant as an interactive exchange between students as well as the lecturers to share and deepen knowledge about lecture contents. For each session, one ungraded execise sheet will be handed out in the previous week. You are expected to solve the exercise sheets within one week and be able to present/discuss your solution in the following exercise sessions. We encource self-responsibility, therefore exercise attendance is non-mandatory, but we highly recommend in-person participation.


Written end exam (100% of grade)

Allowed tools for the exam:

  • non-programmable calculator
  • printed A4 BPMN poster (a black/white version will be provided by us; no self-printing)
  • bilingual dictionary (non-electronic)

Exam ID

70817 (written exam)
see above for anticipated exam date

Lecture Notes and LoDs

Lecture Notes and LoDs will be published electronically. All necessary infos will be communicated during the first lecture and may be found on StudOn: https://www.studon.fau.de/crs2360167.html