Interdisciplinary Business Seminar

Content and goals of the course

  • Students solve case studies that are of high practical relevance for companies and organisations nowadays.
  • Whenever possible, we assign topics that are currently important for our cooperation partners like adidas or REHAU.
  • Students learn how to deliver an effective presentation and improve their academic writing skills.

Course structure

This course is mostly organized as a self-study. Work will be done in groups of three to five students.

All topics are presented and explained in the Kick-off, as well as organizational issues and other relevant information.

Teams will have to present their progress on the chosen topic.

Seminar sessions are as follows:

Kick-off 27.04.2023 at 10 AM Kick-off via Zoom, Link on StudOn
Mid-term presentation tbd Presence required
Deadline for delivering the seminar paper 18.08.2023 In docx and pdf file formats

You can find more information on how to use Zoom here.

Course registration for the summer term 23

Registration is required. Places are limited.

Registration is done via Studon.

Exam ID

72011 Seminar paper (graded)

100% of the course grade is based on the seminar paper.