Starting in the 1990s, the Chair of Information Systems II constantly researched in the field of e-learning. Thus, the chair is one of the founding members of the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb, Virtual University of Bavaria). As a compound of Bavarian universities the association provides e-learning courses for Bavarian students since 2000. Thenceforth, the chair develops and offers a great variety of constantly revised and updated courses addressing areas from the fields of information systems and economics. Currently, seven courses covering topics from basic document processing skills to data mining algorithms and e-business strategies are run at the vhb by WI II.

Besides the courses at vhb, the Chair of Information Systems II joins in two master studies at the Virtual Global University (VGU) and the Virtueller Weiterbildungsstudiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik (VAWi, Virtual Master Studies in Information Systems).

In 2011 WI II launched another e-learning project as part of the European initiative for knowledge exchange between universities and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project is funded by the European Social Fonds (ESF) as well as the Bavarian State and addresses the introduction of business process management in economically weaker regions of Bavaria. A second project was funded in 2012.

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