Semi-Automated Qualitative Knowledge Management for Competitive Intelligence

Development of a Semi-Automated Qualitative Knowledge Management for Competitive Intelligence in the Automotive Supply Industry


Companies today are facing increasingly dynamic markets in a more competitive environment. Due to the side effects of technological and social trends in the course of digitization, market conditions and the competitive situation are constantly changing. The automotive industry, in particular, is characterized by high interdependencies and will be affected by strong changes in the coming years. Awareness of the strategic actions of external players in the market is becoming more and more important and therefore the field of Competitive Intelligence (CI), as well. Recent research reveals that users of information systems are primarily unsatisfied with the quality and availability of external and qualitative information. Simultaneously the volume of available online data increases dramatically over time, whereby the knowledge management process in companies regarding external and qualitative information not only needs to be enriched but also gradually automated in order to provide a reasonable expense/performance ratio. This dissertation project proposes a concept for a semi-automated qualitative knowledge management of external stakeholders in the automotive supply industry in order to enhance relevant strategy concepts for a competitive advantage.

Research Picture