Entwicklungsprozesse informationstechnischer Strukturen in globalen Produktions- und Logistiksystemen von morgen


The German Industry 4.0 initiative refers to the vision of a fourth industrial revolution. The seamless horizontal and vertical integration of production and logistic processes represents a keystone of Industry 4.0. This integration is achieved through the convergence of automation and typical (internet-based) information technologies, i.e. by using so-called cyber-physical systems. Switching from (complex) embedded systems to (even more complex) cyber-physical systems also increases the complexity of the design processes for such systems: Due to the growing diversity of possibly applicable technological systems parts as well as the rising number of potential use cases for cyber-physical systems, there is a need for a classification structure (taxonomy) for objects, (internet- based) services, system architectures and use cases. Based on such a classification of use cases and technological system artifacts, a systematic, less complex and more transparent design process seems to be realizable. Addressing this issue, this research project focuses on the development of such a taxonomy-based design process for globally distributed cyber-physical systems.

Research Picture