Smart Products and IoT Ecosystems


In the current stage, the smart home market is characterized by predominantly decentralized, proprietary applications and gateways with limited standardization. This makes it not only difficult from a customer’s point of view to choose the best and most suitable IoT ecosystem for their home but moreover makes the decision even harder for companies wanting to reengineer their traditional products and enter this complex smart home IoT market. Depending on the product and the company itself, extended with several factors, deducted rules, and strategies within the smart product development, different market entry strategies can be pursued. Looking at the narrow bridge between being a smart product or a gateway ecosystem developer, who possibly brings another point of complexity and diversity into the smart home context, this research project helps to create transparency and contributes to consolidate the isolated applications. Resulting in a well-linked recommendation system that helps companies to overcome the initial lack of information on how to enter the smart home industry and develop corresponding smart products by visibly suggesting the needed strategy, the necessary skills, and building blocks as well as a recommendation of the needed maturity Level.

Research Picture

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  • IT enriched Products – Building Blocks und Architektur Blueprints zur Erstellung smarter Produkte
  • (Manh Dung Pham, Bachelor Thesis, 2018)