Big Data & Social Media Analytics

The amount of data which are produced by people and machines is increasing dramatically. Studies indicate that there is a correlation between the success of a company within its industry and the degree of basing its decision making on data analytics. Therefore, managers are searching for new approaches to convert data into valuable information, in order to enable data-driven decision making.

Images, as a vital form of digital information,  are  generated  in  great  amount  and  widely  circulated  through  the  internet. Distinguished  from  other  forms  like  text,  an  image  can  illustrate  diverse  dimensions  of information in an attractive way while consuming limited space.

Innovative Consumer Experience Solutions

The goal of the research project “Innovative Consumer Experience Solutions” is to design and create  highly valuable service solutions with a strong focus on customer excitement, fascination and user experience. This project also focuses on service re-engineering in order to enhance existing solutions. By applying a combination of different fields such as psychology, design and information science, a basis for the user centered design of IT-enabled services is formed. Based on the evaluation of important customer touch points, the purpose is to create prototypes of services that fascinate a respective focus group through the smart use of innovative technologies. The concept finally leads to an enhancement in customer loyalty, favorable word of mouth and impressing services through innovation leadership.

All students who are interested in doing their final thesis in cooperation with the adidas Group may get in contact with the respective contact persons Alexander Piazza or Christian Zagel.

Examples of previous theses in cooperation with the adidas Group are listed below:

  • Konzeption einer mobilen Applikation zur Unterstützung unterschiedlicher Käufertypen im konventionellen Einzelhandel
    (Nadine Wilmerstadt; Bachelor Thesis; 2013)
  • Generierung von Customer Experience durch die Übertragung von Onlinekonzepten auf den stationären Einzelhandel am Beispiel der Sportartikelindustrie
    (Frederik Fischer; Diploma Thesis; 2012)
  • Konzeption einer interaktiven Umkleidekabine im Kontext der Customer Experience
    (Lukas Malcher; Diploma Thesis; 2012)
  • Konzeption und prototypische Implementierung einer geobasierten Videoplattform für Sportaktivitäten
    (Andreas Ehrmann; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Konzeption eines sozialen Netzwerks für sportliche Aktivitäten am Beispiel der Bekleidungsindustrie
    (Teresa Burger; Bachelor Thesis; 2011)
  • Der Einfluss von Social Media auf die User Experience in kundenorientierten Systemen
    (Karina Enk; Bachelor Thesis; 2011)
  • Derivation of a gamification framework to design innovations for higher customer engagement
    (William Bonaldo Falls; Master Thesis; 2012)
  • Smart TV as an innovative marketing approach for customer attraction. Analysis of the potential for marketing and the development of a prototypical application
    (Miguel Carvalho da Silva; Master Thesis; 2012)
  • Analyse der Verbreitung von marketingrelevanten Informationen in sozialen Medien
    (Hanno Goschy; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Nutzenpotentiale der Analyse und Visualisierung spatio-temporaler Marketingdaten
    (Julia Credé; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Nutzenpotentiale marketingrelevanter Daten aus sozialen Netzwerken
    (Julia Meixner; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)